Amman RotanaRRRRR
"Great place to stay"

Am very pleased to stay at Rotana Amman with all good experience that I had , am definitely going to stay here next time , being a modern hotel and with avaialble facilities am recommending this hotel .

Reviewed by Sefaorhan a TripAdvisor traveler
Turkey 23rd February 2020
"Excellent service"

We were very delighted to have chosen Rotana for our wedding night. Excellent service and awesome view. Clean room and very delicious breakfast. Front disk and home service are bery nice and professional as well

Reviewed by Yasserhalawa a TripAdvisor traveler 11th February 2020
"no attention"

When i made the reservation i selected a smoking room and made a note that its my wedding night, to prepare it for the occasion. I arrived at the hotel, gave my bags to the concierge and headed for check-in. The agent informed me that my room is a smoking room as requested. I went to the room and found out that its a non smoking one, the bags took 30 minutes to arrive after calling front desk who transferred me to concierge who didn't even pick up , then i called front desk again and they passed the massage. The room wasn't at all prepared for a wedding night i excepted to see a flower bed , maybe my expectations for 5* hotel is a bit high, but that is the least to be done. When i asked the check-in agent he said that because they had to change the room into a smoking one at the time of check in (lie its non smoking) they couldn't arrange it. Room and facilities were very clean. Valet and concierge staff are very polite. The only problem i had was the wrong information (lies) given to me

Reviewed by Ishqedef a TripAdvisor traveler 10th February 2020
"hotel was very good"

hotel location is very good near shopping center , staff at front desk are very kinds during check in and check out process , front door staff are very helpful , staff in workshop event are very kinds and give all assistance need, sales manager was very good alos and keep calling to make sure all is Ok

Reviewed by Waelfaqeyat a TripAdvisor traveler
Palestinian Territories 6th February 2020
"Good location"

Excellent location, staff was very courteous and the service was good too. The breakfast buffet options could have been better. Room was very spacious with a beautiful view of Amman city.enjoyed my stay

Reviewed by Malk a TripAdvisor traveler
India 30th January 2020
"Beautiful hotel"

Spent one night here after your of Petra while waiting for flight out. Hotel is modern and brand new. Light switches were complicated. Room was spacious and had nice view. Service was excellent; everyone was trying to please. Biggest complaint is that it is in a business area with few places to walk to. We had dinner at the hotel, which was fine, but we would have preferred more options. That is why location is only 3 stars.

Reviewed by Sascrat a TripAdvisor traveler
California 26th January 2020
"My option"

This is one of the better hotels here in the amman. The view from the rooms. and the bathrooms are really what you're paying for. There's a bad language barrier . the TV didn't work the first night , could not sleep the second night .the f Room service was fast but food did not have every thing they promised on the menu. the view I recommend it for the view only.

Reviewed by Crystalcatoney a TripAdvisor traveler
Jordan 18th January 2020
"my second home"

the hotel where can i feel so comfortably the atmosphere very good but i think you must to have special offer for the membership who always stay in your hotel everything is good and am always and still in booking at the Rotana

Reviewed by Bughaleb a TripAdvisor traveler 11th January 2020
"great rooms and view under the Club Rotana treatment"

Very nice rooms and facilities. the only problem is language difficulties on part of some of the employees. No clear indications in the beginning on the Club Rotana treatment. Great view and good location. Great breakfast

Reviewed by Cpopp a TripAdvisor traveler 11th January 2020
"Worth the View"

We had a great stay at the Rotana. We paid for club access that allowed us to have a great experience. The room was brilliant with a great view across the city. We also would recommend the cocktail bar, best service we have had in our world travels from the barman.

Reviewed by Callum M a TripAdvisor traveler 10th January 2020

Best stay in jordon
Good: Everything, i felt like home..... Nice veiw. Perfect location. Friendly staff.
Bad: Nothing

Mohammad Saudi Arabia
23rd February 2020. Source:

Good: موقع الفندق ممتاز الطاقم جميل ومتعاون جدا وراقي في تعاملهم ... شكرا فريق العمل
Bad: السرير و وسادة النوم غير مريحه نوع ما

محمد Saudi Arabia
22nd February 2020. Source:

Der Wohnort war in jeder Hinsicht sehr schön und wunderbar. Danke

Jon Fandl
22nd February 2020. Source: Google

Very Good
Good: The rooms are exeptional an amazing view. The breakfast is royal and the team very welcoming. I recommend it as it the best in Amman
Bad: The lobby is not as expected for a 5* hotel

Ronald Lebanon
22nd February 2020. Source:

Good: La sala colazione

Paola Italy
22nd February 2020. Source:

Very Good
Good: The place is super clean.
Bad: I was told that the breakfast is from 6:30 to 11:30. When I went to eat breakfast at 10:40 the restaurant was closing. They told me we already closed but you can eat if you want from the left over. I was shocked. I paid already for two breakfast meals for me and for the other person with me. I told the restaurant but I was told that it closes at 11:30. The woman said, No sir. It closes at 10:30. I had to leave the hotel with my friend to get breakfast somewhere else. In my check out. I told the story to the guy who is checking me out and I asked him to refund the breakfast money. He said, I can't do it. There was no apology for their mistake and no refund. And I was charged for two meals that I didn't receive in my staying there.

Azzam United States Of America
21st February 2020. Source:

ما كنت عارف عمان حلوه هيك هسا عرفت

جهاد منصور
21st February 2020. Source: Google


nouri mazin
21st February 2020. Source: Google

The stuff is good but they should be more professional, and inform the guests of any new updates like using the security card on elevators. the room was not as i expected! i paid extra for city view i saw nothing special, it's overrated and overpriced!

Traveler (Business)
21st February 2020. Source: Expedia

Good: Very nice and helpful staff and for Mr. Maen two thumbs up. He is helpful, not pushy and very positive
Bad: .

Petramf Slovenia
21st February 2020. Source:

ممتعة جدا
Good: كل شيء كان رائع طاقم الاستقبال ممتاز جدا وخصوصا مدير الأستقبال الأستاذ احمد ابوعسل الخلوق جدا وتعامل معي بأحترافية عالية
Bad: لايوجد

Waleed Saudi Arabia
20th February 2020. Source:

الفندق ممتاز واسعاره ارخص من فنادق اقل منه مستوى..... اخذت كلوب روم مع اللاونج اكسس... المنظر البانورامي من الغرفه كان جميل وخاصه مع منظر الضباب..... اللاونج جيد.... الفطور ممتاز.... خدمه الغرف والجيم والسبا مرره كويسين..... موظفين الاستقبال اغلبهم مرحين وبشوشين ويخدموك من اول طلب.....الفندق في افضل موقع في عمان عالبوليفارد في منتصف المدينه 👍👍👍

Mohammad Bogari
20th February 2020. Source: Google

Μοναδική εμπειρία η διαμονή στο ξενοδοχείο ακόμα και τα πιο ελαφρά πορτοφόλια. Πολύ καθαρό περιβάλλον με χαμογελαστό προσωπικό. Κατά την είσοδο σου, θα γίνει έλεγχος των αποσκευών σου. Θα χρειαστεί να χρεωθείς 150 JOD για τυχόν έξοδα που προκύψουν. Τυχόν πόσο που δεν γίνει χρήση, θα σου επιστραφεί. Τα δωμάτια έχουν θέα στην πόλη, τα στρώματα είναι πολύ βολικά και ο χώρος των μπάνιων ευρύχωρος. Σου προτείνω να συνεργαστείς με την εξυπηρέτηση του ξενοδοχείου για τις μετακινήσεις σου εντός και εκτός της πόλης καθώς η τιμή που θα κλείσεις θα είναι και οριστική.

Αντώνης Κουριδάκης
19th February 2020. Source: Google

가격이 좀 비싸네요

19th February 2020. Source: Google

Πολύ ωραίο ξενοδοχείο. Φανταστικοί χώροι, οι οποίοι είναι πολύ άνετοι και σου δίνουν μια ξεχωριστή ατμόσφαιρα. Το προσωπικό είναι πάντα εκεί για να εξυπηρετήσει και πάντα πάρα πολύ ευγενικό. Τα δωμάτια άνετα, με όλες τις ανέσεις που πρέπει να παρέχει ένα ξενοδοχείο 5 αστέρων. Είναι καθαρά και τακτοποιημένα. Διαθέτει επίσης πολλές ανέσεις και ευκολίες όπως γυμναστήριο, πισίνα, καφέ, εστιατόρια κτλ. Να ξέρεις οτι θα γίνει μια χρέωση στην κάρτα σου 150JOD, τα οποία θα σου επιστραφούν, ή θα επιστραφεί η διαφορά στην περίπτωση που έχεις κι άλλες χρεώσεις στο λογαριασμό σου. Γενικότερα μια πολύ καλή εμπειρία. Θα μπορούσα άνετα να το ξανα προτιμίσω.

Thanos Pal
19th February 2020. Source: Google
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