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Romantic Escape Package at Al Khobar
Planning for a romantic getaway in Al Khobar Check out our Romantic Escape packageat Centro Corniche, Al Khobar ]
Your Business Stay in Al Khobar
Visiting Al Khobar for business choose our Bussiness Escape package at Centro Corniche for the perfect rewarding stay Learn more ]
Treat your Family to a Weekend in Al Khobar
Spend quality time with your family and enjoy your weekend at Centro Corniche Al Khobar ]

Looking for the perfect escape? Look no further! Choose from our selection of Rotana Escape packages to discover the convenience of hassle-free booking and the luxury of treasured time.

All inclusive pricing with unbeatable benefits leaves you with nothing to think about other than when you want to treat yourself to a much-deserved break.

Explore over 250 escapes and book your favourite. 

Just some of our offers and promotions

The All-New Menu at c.view Rooftop Lounge
From tapas to dragon burgers and specialty shakes, enjoy an unforgettable night under the stars with stunning views ]
قائمة الطعام الجديدة كلياً في ترّاس سي.فيو لاونج
من برغر التنين الهائلة إلى لقيمات المشاركة المميزة، تمتّع بتجربة لاتنسى تحت النجوم مع إطلالة خلابة ]
Levantine Feast Offer
Enjoy the perfect mix grills selection combined with hot and cold mezza ]
عرض المائدة الشامية
استمتع بمزيج فريد من المشويات وأطباق المازة الباردة والساخنة ]
High-Tea Experience at c.view
Enjoy the best high-tea experience coupled with stunning views ]
تجربة شاي الظهيرة في سي.فيو
تمتّع بأفضل تجربة شاي الظهيرة مصحوبة مع اللقيمات الخفيفة ومناظر خلّابة ]
Build Your Bento Box
Build your Bento Box to your liking at cview ]
عرض البنتو بوكس
تمتّع باختيارات متعددة حسب رغبتك في عرض البنتو بوكس اليومي ]

Find more at Rotana Times, our online channel dedicated to what's happening here at Centro Corniche ]

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